Tony Brussat

A Qualiadelic Tea Party?

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2010 at 12:57 am

It’s high time someone took a closer look at the Tea Party concept. The Tea Party coalition confused me for a while, but it all came together in an epiphany during my walk the other day. Uncle Sam has barely decriminalized it, and now he wants to tax it.

But one man’s tea is another man’s poison, so I’m content to watch the phenomenon from afar. It is fascinating business. I’m particularly curious about Sarah Palin. I’m surprised a conservative Mom would go in for this sort of thing, even if it is legal (when used for medical purposes, of course). But I guess that explains why she’s behind on her “learnin’,” because I heard it interferes with development.

It could be fate that Palin is remaking herself as the leader of this movement. You see, there is an actual word in the dictionary for her, called “palingenesis” It means “metempsychosis,” which is defined in Websters as “the passing of the soul at death into another body either human or animal.” It all sounds very metaphysical to me; is this going to be a Tea Party or not?

Maybe millions of Americans will pass on to be reincarnated as animals, and the sooner the better. Hopefully they will become dolphins, because dolphins speak qualiadelic. I could go for a Tea Party like that. Unfortunately, “transmogrify” doesn’t lend itself to chanting as well as “drill.”